This Summer School, find fresh ideas for the future – and old wisdom from the past

The Fundraising Summer School is back on 14 and 15 May 2024 and we want YOU to be part of it!

Over two days, Ireland’s biggest gathering of fundraisers, activists, thought-leaders and charity experts will return to Dublin, to discover the fresh ideas that can take our sector into the next 50 years, and to revisit the old wisdom that has laid the foundations for a thriving charity ecosystem. 

There’s no question: it has been a tumultuous few years for our sector. We have had to rise to the challenges posed by Covid-19, meet the pressures of the cost-of-living crisis, and respond to the impact of conflicts in Ukraine, Sudan, and Gaza. Now, Ask Direct and Charities Institute Ireland invite you to come together in the heart of Dublin to share lessons learnt, to build on the wisdom of the past, and to ask: what next for fundraising?

The Fundraising Summer School has always been a place for fundraisers who want to change the world to come together. This year is no different. We invite you to bring along fresh ideas for the future and old wisdom from the past – to bring your critical thinking, your inspired vision, and your hopes and dreams for building a better, fairer, and more equal world.

Solutions may be found in panels and keynote speeches. But they’ll also be discovered over coffees and dinner and during chats in the corridors. Every one of us at The Fundraising Summer School is an expert in our sector – with the knowledge and the voice to inspire, discuss, participate and critique, on stage and off it. 

The last 10 years have taught us that we can’t predict what’s around the corner. From Brexit and Trump, to pandemics, to war in Europe, we have to be ready to embrace the unexpected. But one thing is certain. For two days in Dublin, we can come together and ask: what’s next? What do we want? How do we get there? And what tools can we harness to achieve our goals?

For now, the biggest question of all is: will you join us?

Old wisdom and new thinking: meet the speakers

On 14 and 15 May 2024, Dublin will host the best and brightest brains in our industry – from academics and campaign founders, to award-winning creatives and savvy planners. And, we hope, you!

We've just announced the final stellar cast of speakers including Claire Routley (Legacy Voice), Camille St-Omer Donaldon (Fundraising Everywhere), Caoileann Appleby (Ask Direct), Jessica Hayes (The Gaurdian), Conor Byrne (That's What I Call Marketing), Jane Trenaman (The HX Consultancy), Ian MacQuillin (Rogare) and Summer School favourite Jayne George (RNLI).

There is even an opportunity to get involved with an open call for supporter insight questions coming soon from Edwina Newcombe (Ask Direct) and we're hitting the streets on a fundraising walking tour with Kevin Delaney (Academy Street Workshop).

You can download all the speakers and their sessions, all in one place, here.

Learning from our success (and building on your past feedback!)

We can think of heaps of reasons why you’d want to attend Summer School. Not least because in this great big gathering of fine fundraising minds, we can really start to ask the great big questions about what our industry must do to be better, brighter and ready to change the world.

But don't take our word for it. Have a look at what some previous attendees have to say.

  • I loved the radical call to action feel of it.
  • I love the passion, the spirit, and the enthusiasm of Summer School. I love that people want to be better fundraisers. Thank you for making us proud to do a job that impacts positively.
  • It was amazing to have the time and ability to talk shop with so many fundraisers

A place where fundraisers can come together.

A space where you can hear from some of our sector’s leading thinkers, writers, designers and planners, and share your own thoughts with them.

A time to be reminded why it is we do what we do — and how we can work together to make our industry even better.

And if you need another reason to attend, then did we mention the post conference drinks? After all, Dublin does have a certain reputation to live up to…

Join us in the heart of Dublin

This year, The Fundraising Summer School is asking how we can do things differently. So perhaps it makes sense that we are hosting the event in a brand-new venue: Chartered Accountants House.

Situated in the heart of the city, around the corner from the historic Book of Kells and down the way from the River Liffey, our new venue promises state-of-the-art conference facilities as well as plenty of space to share, discuss, critique and inspire.

And of course, there’s plenty to inspire you in Dublin, too. You’ll be walking in the footsteps of pioneers and innovative thinkers – from writers such as Joyce and Beckett, to climate campaigners like Mary Robinson. There’s no better city to be in, for drawing on old wisdom to meet future challenges.